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Road Safety Heroes welcomeA Road Safety Hero is a role taken up by primary school pupils to help raise road safety awareness and promote road safety issues to everyone in their school and the wider community.

The scheme aims to give pupils the opportunity to become actively involved in Road Safety.

Role of a RSH

Road Safety Heroes (RSH's) provide a variety of road safety information to pupils and the school community by holding assemblies, mini-publicity campaigns or running competitions and events etc.

How it works

For every school taking part in the RSH scheme there will be a RSH Co-ordinator, an adult in the school who supports the RSHs in carrying out their duties.

Pupils are invited to apply for the position of RSH by completing an application form (see downloads below).  The nominated teacher/helper should aim to choose one pupil from year five and another from year six this is however flexible and schools are free to choose pupils to suit their needs.

On the form they have to say why they would like the job and what would make them a good RSH. The applicants may then be asked to attend an interview. The interview panel can be made up of the RSHs who are finishing and a teacher and/or the RSH Co-ordinator. Some schools may also want to involve other pupils by having Assistants or Deputies to form a RSH team. Once elected, each a Road Safety Hero will receive a business card with their name on it, a pin badge and a notebook with the RSH logo.


RSH goodies


Here are just some of the activities Road Safety Heroes can get involved in:

  • Talk at assemblies and to classes on road safety topics
  • Run competitions in the school, get prizes for the winners and hand out merit certificates
  • Use the website
  • Use the members area of this website
  • Write letters
  • Employ next year’s RSHs by displaying the advert, handing out application forms and sitting on the interview panel
  • Get involved in organising safe and active travel activities

If your school has benefited from the RSH scheme, please share your story with us below!

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RSH Application Form

RSH Job Description

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