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Rothwell's new Heroes

1 month ago | Mar 21, 2022
We are please to announce the school's new Heroes and Kiddie Buddies purchased with funding from the OPFCC Road Safety Fund

Brake's Kids Walk with Shaun the Sheep

2 months ago | Mar 8, 2022
Brake's Kids Walk with Shaun the Sheep is back! Join us on Wednesday 22 June, when thousands of schoolchildren will walk for road safety

New Heroes

5 months ago | Dec 6, 2021
Congratulations to the new RSH @ Rockingham Primary - Kitti, Olivia, Robert and Fraser

FREE resources now available

1 year ago | Feb 23, 2021
THINK! has made a suite of its educational resources for children aged between 3-16 years available to download free of charge.

Free Bikeability Just for Fun Family pack

1 year ago | May 28, 2020
Please feel free to download a FREE Bikeability 'Just for Fun Family' pack

Daisy's daisy's day out

2 years ago | Apr 20, 2020
We have produced a new road safety book about crossing the road. We would love to visit your school to read the book to Year 1 pupils and then let them have a copy to take home. If you would like us to visit after things get back to 'normal' then please let us know.

Little Harrowden Primary School

2 years ago | Feb 12, 2020
Welcome to the schools new Heroes and we look forward to working with you

Name the gritter

2 years ago | Oct 4, 2019
Did you know… •In Northamptonshire a total of 1,157 miles of road receive precautionary gritting – that’s almost the same distance as between London and Rome. •The weather during the period from mid October to mid April is monitored by Northamptonshire Highways, and the county’s roads are salted, when required, subject to the weather conditions. •Weather forecasts are received from the Meteogroup and local knowledge of the network used to work out what the likelihood of frost or sn

Name the gritter 2019

2 years ago | Sep 30, 2019
Northamptonshire County Council have a new fleet of gritters that need names. The winning names will be painted on the lorry and they will be able to visit your school (subject to the weather). We had some fantastic names last time we held a competition and please send your ideas, your name, age + school name to Rebecca Miller You will need to be quick as the closing date for entries is Friday 11th October

Bike to school week

2 years ago | Sep 4, 2019
Encourage students to cycle to school during Bike to School week 23rd to 27th September

Congratulations Grange Primary Academy

2 years ago | Jul 18, 2019
Grange Primary Academy are the first school in the County to awarded a bronze Modeshift STARS award. They recently received their award from the new Mayor of Kettering together with a RSH Achievement Award. Keep up the great work!

Grange Primary Academy perform "Great Work!"

2 years ago | Jul 17, 2019

Brake's Kids Walk with Shaun the Sheep - Wednesday 26 June

2 years ago | May 30, 2019
Next month, thousands of children aged between 4 and 11 will put their best feet forward to take part in a Brake's Kids Walk and promote road safety and the health and planet-saving benefits of walking. Brake’s Kids Walk is taking place with the support of Aardman and Shaun the Sheep. Shaun will be helping children talk to grown ups about how to make streets safer and healthier for everyone. Get your school involved: email to

Clean Air Day

3 years ago | Apr 26, 2019
June 20th is Clean Air Day - what can you do outside your school to make the air cleaner for everyone?

Run a Beep Beep Day

3 years ago | Feb 6, 2019
Support this Brake initiative and teach Year 2-7 children about road safety and how to save lives

Name the hedgehog competition

3 years ago | Jan 14, 2019
'SPIKE' has been chosen as the new name for our hedgehog. We had many suggestions and names were drawn from a hat. Well done to Molly from Hardingstone Academy and we hope that you enjoy your goodies.

Name the hedgehog competition

3 years ago | Dec 18, 2018
Thank you for everyone who took part in the competition to give our hedgehog a name. We have chosen the name and will announce it in the New Year after the winner has been told.


3 years ago | Oct 29, 2018
Our hedgehog is very sad because he has no name. You have until 1st December to come up with an original idea and we would like you send us your ideas.

New competition!

3 years ago | Oct 16, 2018
On 29th September we will be announcing a new competition!

Back To School

3 years ago | Sep 3, 2018
Good luck to all our teachers and heroes back at school today! We hope the new brings new rewards, new challenges, new goals and new celebrations :)


3 years ago | Aug 31, 2018 Not only is our new Facebook page for teachers and schools, but we are always opening it up for parents who wish to teach their children about Road Safety at home and think about their own journeys to school. If your school has a newsletter, why not put a link for parents? @rshnorthampton

👉Bikeability trainees can save 10% at Halfords stores 👈

3 years ago | Jul 20, 2018
It's Friday, it's nearly school summer holidays.... lets give you a reward! As you may be aware from the recent announcement, Bikeability has entered into a partnership with Halfords. All a participant needs to do is visit a Halfords store and show them the voucher banner to receive their extra 10% off children’s bikes and accessories. All Halfords stores have received a communication and will be fully aware of this offer.

Zigzag banners

3 years ago | Jul 16, 2018
If you would like a banner outside your school or your existing one needs replacing over the summer then please let us know. Enjoy the summer break and stay safe when using the roads.

Oundle Primary

3 years ago | Jun 5, 2018
Oundle Primary school have borrowed our kiss'n'drop sign to see if it helps with them trialing an airport style drop off area. Good luck and we look forward to seeing the results

Academic Year Plan

3 years ago | May 23, 2018
We have a list of suggested Road Safety topics for you to last all year round! By using this plan and searching the resources on our website, you can have a 6 terms of lesson plans done in minutes! Perfect for those busy teachers. Want more info? Send us a message!


4 years ago | May 9, 2018
What have your little heroes been up to recently? We'd love to know! Dont forget to give us a like on Twitter and Facebook too :)

Hardingstone Academy

4 years ago | Feb 26, 2018
Welcome to the school's new Road Safety Heroes!

2018, Twitter and New Sign Ups!

4 years ago | Feb 19, 2018
Calling all schools! We are really pushing Road Safety Heroes for 2018 and it's great to hear feedback from those signed up! Please do share ideas, successes and adaptations on the noticeboards & news tabs. Our new Twitter page is @RSHNorthants and we'd love for you to Tweet us what your little heroes have been up to!

Cogenhoe Primary

4 years ago | Jan 23, 2018
Welcome to the eight new Heroes who were awarded their badges yesterday with lots of exciting things already planned!

New Road Safety Heroes

4 years ago | Nov 21, 2017
Welcome to our new Heroes from Grange Primary Academy, Kettering. A excellent assembly this morning and we look forward to hearing about your new ideas.

Project Edward - 21st September

4 years ago | Aug 18, 2017

Summer holidays!

4 years ago | Jul 21, 2017
Today is the last day of term! Enjoy your holiday and stay safe when out on the roads and we look forward to working with you all again next term.

Primary Times

4 years ago | Jul 7, 2017
See our new advertisement in the latest edition of Primary Times. If you want to be signed up or want any more information then please contact us.


4 years ago | May 18, 2017
After 26 years working for both Northamptonshire County Council and Northamptonshire Highways I am hanging up my lanyard and taking my pension. I would like to wish all of my colleagues best wishes for the future and all of the teachers and children that have made my job a joy and worked so hard at making road safety important and enjoyable. I will probably keep checking the website to see what you are all up to so keep up the good work. Good bye and good luck Julie Brown - Road Safety Office

ICE Card (In case of Emergency)

5 years ago | May 16, 2017 From 15th – 19th May, thousands of kids across the country will be celebrating Walk to School Week – an initiative set up to encourage kids to get more fresh air and exercise, while cutting down on congestion on the roads and pollution near school gates. Great idea! But it could be a good idea to CARRY AN ICECARD WEEK, too!

Project EDWARD 2017 Countdown

5 years ago | May 12, 2017

Road Safety Week Banner

5 years ago | Apr 21, 2017
News content

UK Road Safety Week to address ‘major problem’ of speed - 20 - 26th November

5 years ago | Apr 21, 2017 - Read about what you can do to take part

Welocome to our new Heroes

5 years ago | Apr 20, 2017
Fantastic assembly this morning with the new Road Safety Heroes. Good Luck guys we know you are going to make a difference.

Celebrities back FIA global road safety campaign

5 years ago | Apr 11, 2017

Speed limits being reduced

5 years ago | Apr 6, 2017
Wales is reducing 30mph limits to 20mph that could save up to 10 lives a year - See more at:

Digital driving licences

5 years ago | Apr 5, 2017
A digital version of the driving licence may be available for use as soon as next year, the DVLA has announced. - See more at:

Driverless vehicles

5 years ago | Apr 5, 2017
Do you think these driverless vehicles could be the future?

France: cycle helmets mandatory for children under 12 years

5 years ago | Apr 3, 2017 What a good idea and about time. What do you think? Perhaps you could do a survey to see how many children at your school wear their helmets?

Pavement Parking, Yes or No

5 years ago | Mar 28, 2017 What do you think? Would you ban pavement parking?

School Parking

5 years ago | Mar 28, 2017
How is the parking near yours school? Do you need to remind parents and other drivers how to park better? If you don't already have one of these banners get in touch and we can put one up for you.

Tales of the Road

5 years ago | Mar 24, 2017
Lovely book which is a Highway code for children. Would you like some? Let us know how many and we will get them for you.

News title

5 years ago | Mar 23, 2017
News DO NOT ALIGHT FROM A CAR ON THE TRAFFIC SIDE "Do not alight from a car on the traffic side. It is always inadvisable to alight from the traffic side of a car, and the lady in our picture is running grave risks. Should, however, circumstances be such that it is necessary to do so, make sure that the road is clear before opening the door. Cases have been reported where cyclists have been knocked off their machines by motor-car doors carelessly opened. Instances where persons alightin

"Belt Up"

5 years ago | Mar 15, 2017 Are you always safe in the car? Are your brothers & sisters in the right seat? Do Mums and Dads always wear their seatbelts? You could produce a leaflet about car seats, or you could do a survey and ask everyone what seats they use.

‘Be a Smarter Parker’

5 years ago | Mar 13, 2017 It's not a new problem and one that 99% of schools have an issue with. What would you do? Do you have some new ideas on how we can tackle the issue of school gate parking? If you think you have the answer let us know and we will see if there

The Big Pedal 2017

5 years ago | Mar 1, 2017
Does your school fancy a challenge? We want as many schools in Northamptonshire to take part, lets show the rest of the UK that we are the best. Follow the link to sign up and take part.,0,0,0,

Does your School do Bikeability?

5 years ago | Jan 16, 2017
Learn what it is all about

Kiss & Drop

5 years ago | Jan 12, 2017
Do you have an area where parents could drop off their children without parking? You can borrow our new sign and see if it works! Please contact us if you are interested in borrowing the sign for a few days.

Global Road Safety

5 years ago | Jan 12, 2017
Take a look at what the rest of the world are doing to address road safety. Are we in the UK better or worse than other countries?

Continued improvement in Japan’s road safety

5 years ago | Jan 12, 2017
Japan has shown improvements in road safety, perhaps you could see how the rest of the world did last year.

Welcome, Hardingstone Academy

5 years ago | Jan 9, 2017
We popped along to Hardingstone Academy this morning to welcome their new Road Safety Heroes. I'm sure they are going to do great things, welcome and good luck.

Happy New Year

5 years ago | Jan 5, 2017
Hope you are all happy to be back at school? Our new year resolution this year is to work together to make 2017 as safe as possible for all road users so we are hoping your will join us to try and make it happen.

A little bit of Christmas Humour

5 years ago | Dec 12, 2016

Christmas is Coming

5 years ago | Dec 12, 2016
We would like to wish all of our Road Safety Heroes and their teachers a very happy Christmas and new year. Don't forget to be safe and seen when out and about in the holiday's. Julie and Keith

Upton Meadows Primary School

5 years ago | Nov 25, 2016
Miss Hunt and her RSH receiving an award at the end of Road safety Week for being our most pro-active school. Keep up the good work!

New Heroes

5 years ago | Nov 25, 2016
Say hello to our new friends at St Andrews CEVA School. Hope you all enjoy being Road Safety Heroes and make a difference.

New Resourse

5 years ago | Nov 8, 2016
We've just added some new road safety resources to help you with Road Safety Week, have a look at the shared resources app on your right.

Road Safety Week 21st to 25th November

5 years ago | Nov 8, 2016
Do you have anything planned? Let us know we'd love to see your pictures. For ideas you can visit the BRAKE website.

Welocme New Road Safety Heroes

5 years ago | Oct 20, 2016
Say hello to our new friends at Upton Meadow School. Hope you all enjoy being Road Safety Heroes and make a difference.

First UK driverless car test a ‘major milestone

5 years ago | Oct 20, 2016
What do you think about driverless cars? Is this what you are going to be driving when you get to driving age? Do you think they will be safer? This could be an interesting item to look into.

Project EDWARD sees fall in Europe’s road deaths

5 years ago | Oct 20, 2016

New Road Safety Heroes

5 years ago | Sep 23, 2016
Welcome to our newest Heroes from Windmill Primary, Raunds. Keep up the good work and we hope that you can make the roads outside your school a safer place!

WOW (Walk Once a WeeK)

5 years ago | Jun 21, 2016
Full support for the guys at Bridgewater Primary who today announced their new initiative to get all of their pupils walking to school at least once a week. They are hoping this will cut down on some of the congestion problems they have. Good Luck guys, keep us informed.

WOW - Bridgewater Primary

5 years ago | Jun 21, 2016
We attended an assembly this morning when Bridgewater launched their WOW campaign (Walk Once a Week). The school council has worked out a 0.7km/0.5 mile zone around the school to encourage children/parents to walk to school at least once a week. Good luck!

Parent Handout

5 years ago | Jun 20, 2016
This could be useful to give out to parents. Print off and use.

Summer Holidays

5 years ago | Jun 20, 2016
It will soon be the summer holidays. Will you remember to be a Road Safety Hero all summer? If your going on holiday send us some pictures of good safety ideas.

Brakes Giant Walk - Wednesday 15th June

5 years ago | May 24, 2016
Will your school be taking part? Let us know if you are, take pictures and post on your school noticeboard. This annual event is a fantastic way for children to put their best feet forwards for road safety, while staying active and fundraising for Brake

More New Heroes to Welcome

5 years ago | May 24, 2016
Please say hello to our new heroes at Bridgewater Primary

Our New Heroes

6 years ago | Apr 22, 2016
Welcome to the guys at Bliss Charity School our newest Road Safety Heroes who received their badges, notebooks, business cards and hi-viz in this mornings assembly. Good luck guys.

WANTED: Bikeability Instructors

6 years ago | Jan 21, 2016
Do any Mums and Dads, Aunties or Uncles love cycling? Do you think they would be interested in teaching Bikeability? Outspoken Training are looking for Instructors. Contact them on 01223 719594. As a Road Safety Hero perhaps you could ask your school to add it to the next news letter?

RSH goodies!

6 years ago | Jan 21, 2016
Look at what you get once you have been elected as a Road Safety Hero - a business card with YOUR name on it, a pin badge and a notebook with the RSH logo on it

Road Safety Week

6 years ago | Nov 25, 2015
We've been out and about this week with the newly named gritters in the picture are the reception and year 1 children from Helmdon Primary School with Gritterminator, Snow Flake and Angel.

Road Safety Week - 25th to 27th November

6 years ago | Nov 4, 2015
Do you have anything planned? If so, please let us know.

National Road Safety Conference 2015

6 years ago | Oct 20, 2015
Annually we have a conference on Road Safety. This year we will be in Nottingham. Do you have any burning issues/questions you would like me to ask the panel?

Neate Box - Thank you Upton Meadows Primary for telling us about this App

6 years ago | Oct 13, 2015
A new app designed to make it easier for vulnerable road users to use pedestrian road crossings has been developed by Neatebox. - See more at:

Delapre Primary School

6 years ago | Oct 13, 2015
Had a lovely meeting yesterday with the Road Safety Heroes at Delapre, what a very enthusiastic group of children they are. Wishing you all luck for next weeks road safety event.

New schools signed up for 2015

6 years ago | Oct 5, 2015
We would like to thank the following schools who have now signed up to Road Safety Heroes: Bracken Leas Primary, Kettering Park Junior, Brixworth Voluntary Primary, Delapre Primary and Hunsbury Park Primary. Please feel free to let us know how you are getting on with your new 'Heroes'

School Parking

6 years ago | Sep 17, 2015
Do you have a problem with inconsiderate and illegal parking around your school? Would you like a banner? We've been going around all summer putting them up but we may have missed your school. Let us know if you want one or have any feedback about one at your school. Could you design a better one? Contact us via the contact button.

Education Resources you cold get some idea's from

6 years ago | Sep 16, 2015

Look out for badgers

6 years ago | Aug 17, 2015
Be careful if you are driving late at night or early in the morning. Badgers might be crossing the road.

Bus Backs

6 years ago | Jul 13, 2015
Hi Guys, Our new bus backs are now out and about in Northamptonshire. Why don't you get a photo if you see one? Send it to us and tell us where you saw it and when. Can't wait to hear from you all. News cid:EE1CAB4E-39F8-4B9D-A506-8C8962875B70@home

TC Group publishes safety tips for cyclists

6 years ago | Jul 13, 2015
TTC Group publishes safety tips for cyclists Cycle Experience, part of the TTC Group, has published a list of “do’s and don’ts” for cyclists to help impr . . .

Save Kids Lives

7 years ago | Feb 5, 2015

UK to support Global Road Safety Week

7 years ago | Jan 27, 2015

Scottish Government releases new guidance on 20 mph limits

7 years ago | Jan 12, 2015

Do you know the rules about child car seats?

7 years ago | Jul 24, 2014
For full information follow the ling to find out
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