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RSH Be safe, be seen ideasBe Safe, Be Seen

We need to be seen to keep us safe and to let the other road users know that we are there.

Being seen is very important for our safety. Many serious accidents happen because drivers do not see other road users until it is too late.

Be Safe, Be Seen

Always wear or carry something bright that will help us to be seen more easily during the day, and at night.

By day...

During the day always wear clothes with bright colours. Fluorescent material is even better as it helps us to really stand out and be seen during the day. This material also helps us to be seen in the evening before it is dark. 

By night...

Fluorescent material does not work in the dark! We need to wear something reflective so we can be seen when car headlights are shining towards us. Even a small patch of reflective material can help drivers to see us from very far away. 

Things to remember!

FLUORESCENT MATERIAL – is effective outside during daytime because it reacts to the ultra-violet rays in sunlight.  I could be a stripe on your jacket, patches on your bag or an armband.

REFLECTIVE MATERIAL – works in the dark because the special surface reflects light (street lights, car headlights etc.)

Things to do!

ASSEMBLY PLAN – Be Bright be Seen: 

We need to get all pupils thinking about the way they dress during the winter and autumn months.

What will you need to get across?

  • Who you are and what you are doing (JRSO scheme)
  • Introduce your notice board
  • Always think about the weather and dress appropriately
  • Why drivers need to see you
  • Do a practical demonstration. Turn all the lights off and shine torches at reflective material to show the impact.
  • If you are doing a competition, don’t forget to mention it in assembly.


You could use the script we have provided below, if you cannot think of anything to say.  You could use the script as a guide and develop your own ideas.

Hello, we are your Road Safety Heroes, Our names are………………

So what is a Road Safety Hero?

It is our job to share with you the problems we face on or near our roads every day.

We have a Road Safety Notice Board in the…………………………

We will change the display every term so please look at this board throughout the year.  We will be running competitions and you will hear about them in class, or in other assemblies or on the notice board.

There maybe prizes to won, so make sure you keep you eyes and ears open!

At the end of October we turn the clocks back one hour. It will become darker on our way to and from school.

One of our most important messages is:


Two Words to remember: Fluorescent and Reflective.  Fluorescent colours are the brightest you can see, yellow and orange, so it is good to wear them.  Reflective material shows up in the dark when car headlights and street lamps shine on them.

For more information on Be Bright why don’t you use the internet and go onto Google and type in BE BRIGHT BE SEEN.


There are lots of different activities that you could do on the theme of Be Bright Be Seen.

This term pupils can design their own reflective waistcoat that could be worn by other people in your school!

You could also organise a Be Bright Be seen Fashion Show! Or make your waistcoat from different types materials.

You can make a display for your notice board using the different materials and colours.