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Road Safety Heroes hedgehogRoad Safety Heroes is an online resource designed to help school children learn about safety on and around roads.

Your school can take part in this excellent resource by the RSH scheme to your pupils. The resource is available for all primary schools in Northamptonshire.

RSH scooter characterThrough our Road Safety Heroes programme, we deliver road safety education to school children.

A very important part of our programme is to encourage primary school pupils to take part and become Road Safety Heroes themselves. A Road Safety Hero is a role taken up by primary school pupils to help raise road safety awareness and promote road safety issues to everyone in their school and the wider community. Their job is to get other pupils involved and get creative, maybe coming up with stories, poems or songs, or even an assembly for the whole school.

We are also running the "Road Safety Heroes Challenge", a series of tasks and activities available for all primary school age groups to test their knowledge of road safety. This is available for all pupils to use. Teachers can even monitor pupil scores as classes take the RSH Challange.

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