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Road Safety Heroes is all about raising awareness of road safety and promoting road safety issues to school pupils and the wider community.

Please explore and have fun!

Road Safety Heroes

Developed by the Highways Safety Team at Northamptonshire Highways, the Road Safety Heroes website is designed to bring issues of road safety to schools in a fun and exciting package.Road Safety Heroes badge

A very important part of our programme is to encourage primary school pupils to take part and become Road Safety Heroes themselves. A Road Safety Hero is a role taken up by primary school pupils to help raise road safety awareness and promote road safety issues to everyone in their school and the wider community. Find out more....

RSH Challenge

Together with the RSHs scheme, we have also built a series of tasks and activities available for all primary school age groups to test their knowledge of road safety. Teachers can even monitor pupil scores as classes take the RSH Challenge. Find out more...

Explore & Share

Feel free to explore the site, use our resources, and find out more about the Road Safety Heroes programme. If you are a teacher or a pupil from the Northamptonshire region and you would like to be involved, please contact us and we will tell you how!

For Teachers

There is a special area for teachers with all the information you need to get your pupils involved in the Road Safety Heroes challenge. We strongly recommend teachers read all of the information available here.

We hope you enjoy the website!

Latest News

Latest News

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New Road Safety Heroes

1 day ago | Sep 23, 2016
Welcome to our newest Heroes from Windmill Primary, Raunds.
Keep up the good work and we hope that you can make the roads outside your school a safer place!
Welcome to our newest Heroes from Windmill Primary, Raunds. Keep up the good work and we hope that you can make the roads outside your school a safer place!

WOW (Walk Once a WeeK)

3 months ago | Jun 21, 2016
Full support for the guys at Bridgewater Primary who today announced their new initiative to get all of their pupils walking to school at least once a week. They are hoping this will cut down on some of the congestion problems they have. Good Luck guys, keep us informed.

WOW - Bridgewater Primary

3 months ago | Jun 21, 2016
We attended an assembly this morning when Bridgewater launched their WOW campaign (Walk Once a Week). The school council has worked out a 0.7km/0.5 mile zone around the school to encourage children/parents to walk to school at least once a week. Good luck!
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Meet Sandy Squirrel and her mum.

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Road safety heroes fox

Francis Fox has an idea for Road Safety Heroes:

"Why not write a poem! You could perform it in front of your classmates and help them learn about road safety!"